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Uncle Dave sent the following letter to me.  Please read it and if you have any information that may help, get back to us and  we will forward it on.


I was wondering if there is a way to reach out to family members to ask if anyone has photos of Hazel Williams (or Hazel Williams Downing Alonso)?  I never met or even saw a photo of my grandmother.  I'm not sure what lead to the divorce between my grandparents but it resulted in a remarriage of my grandfather to a woman who was not liked by my dad or many of his siblings and the placement of most of them in foster care.  Only the two youngest siblings were placed with my great grandmother, Lydia Chase Downing (or Downey, depending on which census records you look at).

Linda O'Brien



Does anyone know who is in this photo and where it was taken?

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Remember, the reunion is held on the first Sunday of each August at Wescott Beach

 State Park.  Unless notified, this will always be the case.

2023 will be at Thompson Park in Watertown, NY.

Announcements are no longer mailed.  Email announcements are sent out instead.

This creates a huge savings to the reunion.




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