From the Past


Here is a collection of old newspaper articles and pictures that David Hughes scanned and sent for posting.




Does this young lady look familiar to you?


Sandi S. Backus MacGregor

(Click here for full obituary)



Embroidered by Sarah Hughes
George Wetmore death
Osborn Backus military
Booth legal
Brownville Church Play
Bura Hughes Wedding
Bura Charles military
Robert B. Hughes military8
Delair military001
Delair Lloyd Military
Delair Mary picture
Eichorn Many Generations
Esposito Todd birth007
Farrell picture
Freeman Dan military
Freeman Hughes marriage
Freeman Hughes marriage001
Freeman Hughes marriage002
Grant Percey Engaged
Greene North Wedding
Green Stephen Military
Hughes David (ref) + Donald Gowing (river death)
Hughes David education001
Hughes David enlist
Hughes David mil002
Hughes David mil003
Hughes David military001
Hughes David Mohawk Valley Tech Institute grad001
Hughes Donald military
Hughes Drama 001
Hughes Drama 2
Hughes Eichorn Five Generation
Hughes Elizabeth Wedding
Hughes Freeman engagement001
Hughes Freeman marriage
Hughes Freeman marriage002
Hughes Harold furlough
Hughes Harold military002
Hughes Harold promotion
Hughes Inah 19 birthday
Hughes IOOF
Hughes IOOF 002
Hughes IOOF 3
Hughes Jean Marie Death
Hughes Jim mil002
Hughes John J news
Hughes John + Lillian 25 anniv
Hughes Jones Rebekahs
Hughes Jones Rebekahs001
Hughes Kiefer marriage
Hughes Kiefer Married
Hughes Larry B military
Hughes Lawrence daughter birth
Hughes Lillian death002
Hughes Lillian death004
Hughes Mary Ellen church
Hughes Mary Ellen letter
 Hughes Mildred birth
Hughes Mildred death001
Hughes Mildred death002
Hughes North Wedding
Hughes William and Robert military002
Hughes Richard Jr mil001
Hughes Richard Sr birth
Hughes Robert leave001
Hughes Robert military
Hughes Robert military001
Hughes Robert military003
Hughes Robert military004
Hughes Robert Military2
Hughes Robert Military5
Hughes Robert school002
Hughes Sarah Lillian photo
Hughes Sara Llillian photo2
Hughes Sarah Mary wmioof002
Hughes Stevens engaged001
Hughes Stevens Marriage001
Hughes Stevens Wedding
Hughes Strauch Marriage001
Hughes Susan Birth10181
Hughes Tom Military
Hughes William J Military001
Hughes William IOOF
Hughes Wm IOOF001
Hughes WmIOOF002
Hughes WmIOOF003
Hughes WmIOOF004
Hughes WmIOOF004
Hughes WmIOOF3
Hughes WmIOOF4
Hughes Wm IOOF event
Hughes Wm John IOOF003
Hughes Wm Jr accident001
Hughes Wm President Housing001
Hughes Wm Sarah 25Anniv007
Hughes Wm Sarah25thAnniv003
Hughes Wm Sarah 25thanniversary
Hughes Wm Sarah 40thAnniv
Hughes Wm Sarah 50th Anniversary picture
Hughes Wm Sarah IOOF001
Hughes Wm Sarah Wedding003
Hughes Wm Sr death001
Hughes Wm Sr IOOF001
IOOF 100 years old 002
IOOF 100 years old002
Jareo Frances Pvt Military Photo
Jareo Francis POW
Jareo Francis POW001
jaroe francis pow
Jaroe francis pow001
Jones Birth
Jones Hughes Married
Jones Hughes Wedding
Jones Hughes Wedding002
Jones Minnie Death001
Jones Parker Marriage001
Jones Parker Wedding002
Jones Scott Sara Picture
Jones Terry Born 001
Lafex Robert
Larose Military003
Lautenschlager Empey Wedding002
Louis Jareo Leave
misc Christmas Party002
Monohan charge dismissed
Norfolk Helen kids
North Eliza 73birthday1002
North Eliza 73birthday2001
North John Death
North John Death001
North John Death004
North John Picture
North John Work001
North Sarah Ann Picture
North Sarah Ann Picture2
Parker Alfred Leave
Searight mj 56bday
Shortsleeve Hughes North John
Stone Mary Jane Death003
Stone MJ Death
strought hughes marriage002
/unknown hoffman forest
unknown military
Vitto Freeman Hughes Mary Ellen photo
watertown winter train snow
Weaver Hughes wedding
Wetmore George Death