Hughes-North Reunion 2018



The 48th Reunion was held in the pavilion as it had been for many years before.

It was a perfect day in the 80's with a cool Lake Ontario breeze.

The food was top notch and the company and conversation was even better.

 There was 67 of us there to reminisce and "pig out".

The turn out this year was down 1 from last year even thought the weather was perfect..

A great time was had by all on a beautiful day that I we will all remember during those cold winter

days thatoutnumber the warm ones..

Folks, you are missing a great time that would be even better if you attended. 

We would really like to see you there.  We are only 1 year from 50.

We need your help.  As we go on we seem to be getting fewer of the folks that use to always show. 

Next year is the 50th.  We need your help to decide how we will celebrate.

Let's keep this rolling!

  Remember, the reunion is held on the first Sunday of each August at Wescott Beach

 State Park.  Unless notified, this will always be the case.

Announcements are no longer mailed.  Email announcements are sent out instead.

This creates a huge savings to the reunion.

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